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Within the school we currently have a number of pupils volunteering in many different ways. The majority of them will be senior pupils who have opted to have community service put onto their timetable. This time will be spent volunteering within a department in the school, doing many different tasks.

However, we have many other pupils who volunteer in one way or another in the school. We have pupils who organise a variety of charity events e.g. the MacMillan coffee morning, and others who volunteer out in the local community.

We have recently linked into the Saltire Award Scheme. This is a nationally recognised accreditation, which we aim to have awarded to all pupils carrying out voluntary work within the school or community.

These pupils all have a time record sheet in their planner to keep track of the time they spend volunteering. Once registered on the Saltire Award website, these hours can be logged into the Saltire Portal, which will let them know when they have worked enough hours for a certificate. At this point pupils will be given the choice to accept that level, or to keep working and logging hours to achieve a higher level of certificate.

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