DYW- Developing the Young Workforce

What is it?

Developing the Young Workforce is a seven-year programme that aims to better prepare children and young people from 3–18 for the world of work.

This programme builds on the foundations already in place as part of Curriculum for Excellence.

The programme’s headline aim is to reduce youth unemployment by 40% by 2021 but you can access the full strategy response below:

Youth Employment Strategy Document


Developing the Young Workforce at Alloa Academy

Following proposals set out by the Wood Commission in December 2014 Alloa Academy is committed to taking forward the recommendations of ‘Developing the Young Workforce’, Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy.



Two members of staff, Charlie Leppard and Gillian Freeland have been seconded to drive forward three key areas within Alloa Academy:

  • How a high quality intermediate vocational education and training system, which complements our world-class higher education system, can be developed to enhance sustainable economic growth with a skilled workforce.
  • How to achieve better connectivity and co-operation between education and the world of work to ensure young people at all levels of education understand the expectations of employers, and that employers are properly engaged.
  • How to achieve a culture of real partnership between employers and education, where employers view themselves as co-investors and co-designers rather than simply customers.

[Education Working For All: Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce Final Report pg. 7]


How will we take this forward 2015-2016?

  • Review of existing good practice within departments, faculties and across the whole school including staff and pupil focus groups.
  • Creation of Developing Young Workforce Development Plan 
  • Review of S5/6 Skills for Learning, Life and Work programme on Wednesday p5/6 to incorporate more employability opportunities and skills development.
  • Creation of Employability course for S5/6 to be included in Skills for Learning, Life and Work block
  • Build upon existing S4 Employability unit and Work Experience.
  • Greater awareness and promotion of employability skills within and between subjects through the use of key skills posters in faculties displayed visually and electronically.
  • Greater partnerships with external agencies, including Skills Development Scotland and Clacks Works.
  • Creation of business partnership with Alloa Town Centre Business Improvement District (ATCBIDs)



Partnering with Business

Alloa Academy is working alongside a range of businesses as a result of our Business Partnership with Alloa Town Centre Business Improvement District (ATCBIDs). Working alongside Bid Chairman David Westland and Bid Director and Manager Andrew Mitchell, we hope to extend opportunities for our young people within the community for work experience and placements. In return we have welcomed a number of ATC board members and local businesses into the school to participate with activities such as S2 Dragon’s Den project to pitch presentations on ideas for new board games. We look forward to working with a range of local employers as we take forward our new Employability unit in S4/5 which aims to give pupils a real life context for job applications and interviews.

Skills for Learning Life and Work S5/6

Skills for Learning Life and Work S5/6

Skills for Life was introduced to the Senior Phase timetable for session 2014/15 to focus on developing skills and providing learners with additional skills and qualifications which would equip them as they move onto the next phase of Higher, Further Education or employment.

A double period has been allocated for learners to follow a 6 week rotation block encompassing six areas of life skills. Every student will experience three compulsory areas of PE, PSE and Healthy Cookery under the banner of Health and Wellbeing.

A brief outline of each of the courses covered during Skills for Learning Life and Work is detailed below.

S5 Skills Units


Healthy Cookery – Pupils will follow a programme understanding how to prepare healthy food on a student budget. They will have the option to achieve a Royal Environmental Hygiene certificate based on a four hour unit.

PSE – Pupils follow a programme exploring a range a social issues involving making appropriate lifestyle choices, protecting personal and internet safety and recognising and coping with mental illness.

PE – Pupils will have access to a range of equipment and areas to organise activities that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle alongside teamwork and self-responsibility.

Study Skills – An outline of key study skills to assist pupils with their studies throughout the year. Introduction to different learning styles e.g. visual, auditory and kinaesthetic and ways to enhance learning. Importance of health and wellbeing surrounding breaks from studying and making use of supported study and additional support for revising notes.

Employability – Introduction into key employability skills required by employers in the current job climate. Discussion between hard and soft skills. Practical support for pupils with approaching how to write CVs, personal statements and application forms. Practical opportunities to prepare for job interviews and input with employers from ATCBIDs and Clacks Works.

First Aid – Delivered by British Red Cross, opportunity to learn basic first aid techniques and theory. Pupils will be awarded with a first aid certification for successful completion of the course. `



S6 Skills Units


Healthy Cookery – Pupils will follow a programme of work building upon skills from S5 to prepare and cook a series of healthy dishes useful to everyday life.

PSE – Pupils work with Pupil Support staff to prepare for the next phase after school, completing UCAS and College applications and how to develop personal statements.

PE – Pupils will have access to a range of equipment and areas to organise activities that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle alongside teamwork and self-responsibility.

Vehicle Skills – Practical car skills learning how to maintain your car and car safety. Theory of driving in relation to Highway Code and road legislation. Input from PC Ward School Liaison Officer.

YPI –Pupils will work with Youth Philanthropy Initiative to research chosen local charities and establish what the needs of the charity are. Pupils will work in groups to visit the chosen charity and prepare a presentation which will be pitched to a panel of judges. The winner of each class will go through to the final in May with representatives of local charities, schools and YPI judging which charity should receive the £3000 grant.

Employability – In partnership with ATCBIDs pupils will seek a work experience placement for six afternoons covering the Employability block. Pupils will be encouraged and supported to seek a placement in line with future aspirations.


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