I would like to advise all parents/carers of a number of important dates in the School Calendar for the remainder of the Summer Term.

Please see a breakdown of new and existing events\changes below in date order where possible.

BGE FINALE (Skills Week)
The BGE Finale is for pupils in S1 to S3 and involves young people focusing on developing skills from across their curriculum areas.  Active learning is at the heart of the week and it will take place during week commencing Monday 13 May instead of week commencing 6 May.  This is to tie in with the start of the New Timetable on Monday 20 May.

S1 D Day is scheduled for Friday 7 June.  This is an outdoor learning day held at Gartmorn Dam.  Further information will follow.

We are also making a change to our Award Ceremonies.  It has been decided that the BGE Awards (S1-S3) scheduled for Thursday 9 May and the Senior Awards (S4 to S6) scheduled for Wednesday 5 June will take place on the same day this year.  Both will take place on Thursday 19 June at the following times:
BGE Awards                                        1:30 to 3:00 pm
Senior Awards                                    6:30 to 7:45 pm

S6 Graduation Ceremony will take place on the same date as our P7 Information Evening on Wednesday 12 June.  The events will take place at the following times:
P7 Information Evening                   5:30 to 6:30 pm
S6 Graduation                                  6:30 to 8:00 pm

Sports Days will still take place week commencing Monday 17 June depending on weather.

The following staff events below are not on the calendar but will be taking place as follows:

Education Awards                           Tue 5 June (selected pupils\staff by invitation)
Towards Excellence Awards          Wed 6 June (selected pupils\staff by invitation)
GTCS Awards                                    Mon 11 June (selected pupils\staff)

Our online Calendar has been updated to reflect these changes.

Kind Regards

Mr C Bruce