Welcome to the webpage for the Alloa Academy Italy Ski Trip 2016. We hope to be able to keep you up to date with what we are up do via text, photos and maybe even a wee video… Hello everyone, we have arrived safely in the Aosta Valley. As well as eating our lunch at our hotel, we have been busy unloading the coach, getting into our rooms and taking the chance to freshen up. We have been for our ski hire fitting – everyone now has boots that fit and skis that are properly adjusted, ready to go in the morning. We have also tried on the ski suits that have been hired. We are just heading out for a walk to a nearby viewpoint to stretch our legs before our evening meal. After we have eaten we will make sure we are all ready for a busy day on the snow tomorrow. Everyone will sleep well tonight. Our pupils have been excellent. They are a credit to their families and Alloa Academy, but more importantly, to themselves. MONDAY UPDATE: A very busy day. After having our breakfast and travelling into Aosta, we met our Ski Instructors up on the snow in Pila at 10am. We split into groups and spread out to get to grips with the skis and the slopes. The day went from sunny and warm to sunnier and HOT. We have been slapping on the suncream and drinking as much water as possible. Everyone has had a great day on the snow, and really good progress is being made with skiing skills. We made it back to the hotel for around 5pm, and had quick showers before heading back to Aosta for a look around the historic centre and a few shops before going out for pizza for dinner. How much pizza can 38 hungry ski school pupils eat? A lot! And then top it up with ice cream. Finally back to the hotel for 10pm with tired limbs but happy faces. I’m going to try to upload some photos, but getting a reliable internet connection is proving a challenge, especially when a bunch of teenagers are facetiming, snapchatting and youtubing. Tuesday update below…
TUESDAY UPDATE: Wow, what a day. All our groups are making great progress under a faultless blue sky. Everyone has moved up from the beginner slopes and has started to ski further up the mountain, with the chairlift seeing lots of use from Alloa Academy pupils today. It would be fair to say that there are a few sore feet and probably more than a few “glowing” faces despite regular application of suncream. We pushed through our tiredness to spend a bit more time in Aosta today after skiing, and indulged ourselves with fantastic Italian ice-cream. Tonight the hotel is eerily quiet with gentle snoring coming from some of the rooms already. When PC Ward goes the bed the snoring might not be so gentle. I hope I’m asleep by then!
WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Today was the breakthrough day. Our pupils are now getting to grips with the rhythm of the day, and are able to put on their boots and collect their skis like a well oiled machine, although the boot-room is acquiring a peculiar odour which has to be smelt to be believed. Perhaps the smell provides the motivation to be quick? All our groups are now up and about on the higher areas on the mountain and have been riding up on the cable car or the chairlifts, then skiing down a variety of blue and red runs. Today has involved some backwards skiing, both intentional and unintentional, some comedy crashes, including a whole group caught in a net, and an impressive, if eye-watering, display of the splits. Everyone is still in one piece, and can now certainly say with confidence “I am a skier!” even though we are only halfway through our week. Everyone is looking forward to exploring more of the runs and perhaps revisiting a few favourites tomorrow, and every group is moving their lunch stop to a new mountain restaurant, so there will be new things to taste too. We’ve had our dinner, followed by Birthday Cake, and the quote from the Birthday Boy is “Best Birthday ever!” Tonight I’m taking the opportunity to update the webpage whist the younger and/or more talented members of the group (yes, EVERYONE else comes into one of those categories) throw some moves on the dancefloor. When they return, I’ll try to post some disco pictures. I have added some pictures to Monday and Tuesday too.
THURSDAY UPDATE: Another virtually cloud free day with the pupils of Alloa Academy roaming widely around the mountain. The less experienced skiers have probably made the most progress, with all groups now confident on the blue runs, and getting wee tastes of the red runs. These groups enjoyed their lunch sitting in the sun on the upper mountain, and made frequent stops to top up on water and suncream. I can confirm that the rumours you may have heard are true – Yes, there a few comedy sun tans being sported. The more advanced group have been tacking a few more of the reds, and tomorrow hope to head to the very top of the ski area, over 2700 metres above sea level – that’s two times the height of Ben Nevis to put it into a Scottish context. I’ll try top post a few photos and maybe, and it is a big maybe, post video from our trip to the Bowling tonight.
FRIDAY UPDATE: Another busy day, with a whole lot going on, and we’ve tried tried to cover most in the video below. A really weird thing happened where the sky was inexplicably no longer blue, and these little white flakes of stuff started floating about. What is that all about? Anyway, we just carried on skiing, hoping it would go away, and by mid afternoon it had, and normal sunny service had resumed. A brief shopping trip this afternoon allowed everyone to finish buying gifts for those back home, before our Instructors came to visit at our hotel to award Certificates and celebrate the successes of the week. We have had a great bunch of Instructors, and they have all commented on how great our kids are. We are not going to post an update tomorrow. We will be very busy showering, having dinner and packing the bus when we return from skiing. We plan to start our homeward journey at 5pm, Italian Time. Our expected time of arrival in Alloa is 6:30pm, Sunday. This could vary by as much as couple of hours either way, so we (or your child) will be in touch when we are closer to home.  


Good morning All, we are just updating to let you know it is 7am and we are just disembarking from the ferry in Dover. Our first stop is Watford Gap Services. We will let you know an arrival time when we are closer to home.