Following an extensive consultation with our whole school community, we are delighted to present our final four designs for our school vision. These designs are a visual representation of what we are trying to achieve and will be used alongside our school badge to brand our school. Your views have been vital throughout this process, we would therefore ask that you take a couple of minutes to look at these and vote at the bottom of this page, or email which design you would like us to adopt to by 3pm on Monday 18th March. The winning design will then be adopted and displayed throughout the school.

Vision 1 – Ochil hills and River  


This vision includes the Ochil Hills, and the river. The church spires and the tower from the glass-work represent our town and community. The characteristics chosen by the Parents, Pupil’s and Staff follow the contour of the hills.
The vision statement that goes with this is ‘Alloa Academy is a place where every member of our community is valued, included and respected in our journey to excellence’.

Vision 2 – Jigsaw

This has the overall vision of the school created with our three values; Respect, Ambition and Resilience coming together to form our vision. Round the outside are the characteristics of the school chosen by pupils, parents and staff. Safe and inclusive go with Respect, achieving and excellence go with Ambition and confident and challenging go with Resilience. Fun goes with the school badge and the statement of ‘Working together to achieve’ statement, signifying that Alloa Academy should be a fun place to learn. All the pieces of the jigsaw go together to form the vision of ‘Working together to achieve’.

Vision 3 – Tree

The tree signifies strength. The roots of the tree will be the three school values, Ambition, Resilience and Respect. These provide security and are the basis on which we grow. The branches of the tree are the characteristics of the school which have been chosen by pupils, staff and parents. The vision is ‘As a school we will strive to be the best we can be’.

Vision 4 – School, Hills and Bridge

The design includes the school the Ochil hills, the River Forth and the Clackmannanshire Bridge. The bridge coming out from the school signifies the journey from school out into the wider world. The characteristics chosen by Parents, pupils and Staff are reflected in the water and the values and vision statement are set in the sky. The vision reads ‘Providing our young people with the best possible preparation for life’s journey’. The colours of the hills, water and sky are all taken from the stained glass window in the assembly hall.

Below are mock-ups of how each design will appear on banners and signage:


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