Help Centre for Alloa Academy

Key Understanding: this site is a mixture of a few main holding pages, into which feed categories of posts.

Holding Pages

The holding pages contain mixed content and can be built using the Divi page builder to include pretty much any content in any layout. This makes your site infinitely flexible. You can feed any other content into these pages by using Divi page builder. You can also add simple pages and just use default editor.

Holding pages



-parent information


All of these have different live content (posts) being fed into them by category.

Main News and Events

The main use for the website on an ongoing basis will be to provide up to date news and events. This is kind of like is done with Twitter, but with the opportunity to add more detail and embed documents and multiple images/video etc.

Going forward, it would be good to create the content on the website and then share it to social media from there in one click.

News category structure

Screenshot 2016-01-14 02.11.55

Faculty Updates

Faculties have a category each under Faculty Updates category and child categories for faculty news and events, faculty homework and faculty study resources

Faculty Updates>English>English Homework

Faculty Updates>English>English Study resources

Faculty Updates>English>English News and Events


The content you add will automatically go to the right place

as long as you select the correct category.

Video help

Most things you might want to do are covered here