Staff list

Staff Structure Staff List


Headteacher : Mr C Bruce

Deputes : Mr G Barnes (Bruce) Mr J Bryce (Erskine) Mr I McGhee (Schaw)


Creative and Aesthetic Subjects (Art and Design and Music)

Mr J Jack (PT),  Mrs G Alexander, Miss L Hawkins, (NQT) Miss L Urquhart, Mrs F Young, Miss H Ferguson, Mr J Kennedy

Health and Fitness (Home Economics and PE)

Mrs L McFarlane (PT HE), Miss K Grossart (PT PE) Mrs S McKeich, Miss A Bell, Mrs H Stewart, Mr S McCracken, Miss N Gibson, Mr C McIntyre (Sports Development Coordinator)

Literacy – English

Dr J Adam (PT), Ms L Bircher, Ms R Clark(NQT), Mrs H Ferguson, Mr E McGrouther, Mrs S Rankin, Mrs M Sykes

Modern Languages

Mrs S Shepherd (PT), Miss H Irwin, Mrs L Miller

Numeracy – Mathematics

Mr W West (PT), Ms L Annandale, Mr G English, Dr Z Penman, Mr H MacPherson, Mr J Smillie

Pupil Support (Guidance)

Mr S Barrett PT (Bruce), Mrs TA McNeil PT (Bruce), Mrs E Thomson PT (Erskine), Mr C Leppard PT (Schaw),

Pupil Support (Additional Support Needs)

Mr R McAdoo (PT) Mr A Moore, Mrs K Jefferson

Pupil Support (Extended Additional Support Needs)

Mrs S McAuley (PT), Mrs F Hickford, Mrs J Knox, Mrs C Nelson, Mrs A Johnstone (Admin)


Mrs M D’Arcy (PT), Mrs L Connell, Mr D Frankland, Miss K McEwan, Mr S Mitchell, Miss C Nimmo, Miss E Mcfarlane,

Social Subjects and RMPS

Miss S Walker (PT), Miss N Callander, Mr A Clark, Miss E Collins (NQT), Miss G Freeland, Mr G Galloway (NQT), Mrs E Paterson, Mrs L Ross, Mrs N Stein, Mrs TA McNeil, Mr J Veitch, Mrs K Wilkes

Technology (Computing, Business Studies,Technical)

Miss N Giuliani (PT), Mrs R Murray, Mr. J McEwan, Mrs H Watt, Mr N Clark, Mr G Brown, Miss C Thomson (NQT), Mr J Szultka-Robertson


Business Support (Administration) Mrs J Greenlees (Business Support Officer), Mrs Y Harvey, Mrs S Grant, Miss K Laird, Mrs M McInally

Classroom Support Worker: Mrs F Sneddon

College Support Worker: Mrs L McKinley

Learning Assistants

S Ballantine, M Campbell, L Christie, S Clark, S Cummings, E Dick, A Dolan, M Fern, N Gothard, M Harrower, C Henderson, A Hume, J Hunter, T Kerr, W McIntosh, J McKie, H Richardson, J Rooney, K Whyte, P Smith, S Woodward

School Technicians

Mr W Miller, Mr L Collins

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