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S5/6 Higher Maths Lessons & Homework

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Formula Sheet

Summer Holiday Revision Sheets:

Multiplying Out Brackets & Factorising

Surds & Indices

Multiplying Out Brackets, Factorising, Surds & Indices Solutions

Higher Textbook Ch13 Straight Line Lessons:

Formulae , Parallel & Perpendicular Lines , Medians, Altitudes, Perpendicular Bisectors

S5/6 Higher Homework Sheet 1

S5/6 Higher Homework Sheet 1 Solutions

Exercise 13F and Answers

Higher Textbook Chapter 15 Recurrence Relations Lessons:

Sequences & Recurrence Relations, Limit of a Sequence, Solving Recurrence Relations

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 2

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 2 Solutions

Classwork: Chapter 1 Review Straight Line Answers

Holiday Homework : Medians, Altitudes & Perpendicular Bisectors and Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 3

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 3 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 14 Circles Lessons:

Equation of a Circle, General Equation of a Circle, Tangency to a Circle, Equation of a Tangent, Intersecting Circles

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 4

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 4 Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 5

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 5 Solutions

Textbook P370 & 371 Unit 3 Applications Preparation for Assessment Answers

Higher Textbook Chapter 3 Graphs of Functions Lessons:

Sets Domain & Range, Quadratic Functions, Sketching Graphs of Related Functions, Trig Graphs Revision Intro Z, Related Trigonometric Functions, Related Graphs of Exponential & Logarithmic Functions, Range of an Exponential Function, Domain of a Logarithmic Function

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 06

CfE Higher Homework 6 solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 07

New Higher HW 7 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 4 Composite & Inverse Functions Lessons:

Formula for a Composite Function, Inverse of a Linear Function

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 08

New Higher HW 8 Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 09

New Higher HW 9 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 5 & 6 Vectors Lessons:

Working with Vectors, Section Formula, Vector Paths, Collinearity, Scalar Product, Vector Problem Solving, Perpendicular Vectors, Zero Vector & Equilibrium Problems, Properties of the Scalar Product

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 10

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 10 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 1 Logarithm & Exponential Lessons:

Converting Between Log & Exp & Rules of Logs, Exponential Growth & Decay, Working with Eulers Number e, Solving Simple Log & Exp Equations, Applications of Exponential Functions, Solving Harder Log Equations, Applications of Logarithmic Functions, Experimental Results

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 11

New Higher HW 11 Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 12

New Higher HW 12 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 2 Trigonometric Formulae & Wave Function Lessons:

Exact Values, Working in Radians, Addition Formulae, Double Angle Formulae, Trigonometric Identities, The Wave Function

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 13

New Higher HW 13 Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 14

New Higher HW 14 Solutions

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 15

New Higher HW 15 Solutions

Higher Textbook  Ch 9 Differentiating Functions Lessons:

Differentiating Functions, Evaluating Derivatives, Differentiating Trigonometric Expressions, Finding Equation of a Tangent, Chain Rule for Differentiation, Finding Equation of a Tangent to a Trigonometric Curve, Distance Speed Time Velocity & Acceleration, Functions Strictly Increasing & Decreasing, Stationary Points & Nature

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 16

New Higher HW 16 Solutions

Higher Homework 17 from November Prelim Paper 2

Higher HW 17 Solutions0001

HW 18 Paper 1 Homework from Assessment Block 1

Higher HW 18 Solutions0001

Higher Textbook Ch 7 Solving Algebraic Equations Lessons:

Factor Theorem, Factorising a Polynomial Given a Factor, Factorising a Polynomial Without Any FactorsFactorising With Fractions, Working Backwards to Find Missing Coefficients, Working With Remainders, Solving Polynomials in Context, Sketching A Polynomial, Naming A Polynomial, Point of Intersection of A Line & Curve, Revising Quadratics

CfE Higher Homework Sheet 20

H HW 20 Solutions

H HW 21 Questions & Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapter 8 Solving Trigonometric Equations Lessons:

Solving Trigonometric Equations Using Periodicity, Solving Trigonometric Equations Using Double Angle FormulaeSolving Trigonometric Equations Using Trigonometric Identities

H HW 22 Questions

H HW 22 Solutions

Higher Textbook Chapters 11 & 12 Integration Lessons:

Solving Differential Equations, Evaluating Definite Integrals

Higher HW PP Sheet

Higher HW PP SHeet 1 Solutions

Higher HW 24

Higher Textbook Chapter 17 Applying Integral  Calculus Lessons:

Area Between Curve & x-axis, Area Between Two Curves

Higher Textbook Chapter 16 Applying Differential Calculus Lessons:

Max & Min Values of a Function