During this short course, our S1 pupils are able to develop and improve their independent learning skills in reading, writing and searching to create their own projects, enabling them to become successful learners.

Course Outline

Information Skills 1 – Introduction to Information Skills

  • Alphabetical arrangement of Fiction books
  • What Non-fiction is and how these books are arranged
  • Locating Non-fiction books on the shelves using the ‘Dewey Number’

Practical Tasks

  • Explain the difference between fiction and non fiction
  • Explain Alphabetical arrangement of Fiction books
  • Explain how non-fiction books are arranged and shelved by subject and dewey

Library Treasure hunt bingo

  • Split class into teams. Give each team a list of fiction and non-fiction books and ask them to find them!  They can use subject index for non-fiction.  When a team has found every item from the list, they must shout Bingo and be declared the winners!

Information Skills 2 – Planning a project and finding information in books

  • Explain the PLUS Model
  • Evaluating a print resource
  • Finding information in books by using the contents and index pages
  • What a bibliography is and how to write a bibliography

Practical Tasks

  • Discuss how to evaluate a print resource and how to find information in books by using the contents, index, author bio, glossary etc
  • Pupils practice evaluating resources using evaluation form and library books
  • Explain what a bibliography is and how to write a bibliography – Pupils practice using worksheet

Information Skills 3

  • How to evaluate resources online
  • Online safety tips

Practical Tasks

  • Explain how to evaluate a website
  • Discuss online safety
  • Pupils practice website evaluation (worksheet)

Information Skills 4

  • Skimming and Scanning
  • Note taking – writing in your own words

Practical Tasks

  • Explain skimming, scanning and note taking
  • Pupils practice using real news story and worksheets

Information Skills 5

  • Information Skills challenge
  • How to use different resources to search for information

Practical Tasks

  • Information Skills challenge – books VS the internet
  • Which resource is best for finding information – books or the internet?