Be a responsible library user!

  • Please return your book/s on or before the date stamped on the label at the front of the book. If you have not finished reading the book/s you have borrowed, you can have them renewed.
  • Please take good care of the books you have on loan. If you damage or loose a book, you may have to pay for a replacement.
  • When you return your book/s, make sure you return them directly to the librarian. This will ensure that the book/s are removed from your borrower record.
  • If you remove a book from the shelves but decide not to borrow it, please make sure you put it back in the correct place.
  • Pupils who have homework to complete may use a computer at lunchtime.  Computer games can only be accessed after school.
  • You may not eat or drink in the library.
  • You may not use your mobile phone in the library.
  • Please remember that people use the library to study and you should keep noise level to a minimum.
  • Positive behaviour is expected at all times in the library.

Please respect your library and other library users.