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Mathematics should be viewed as a many-faceted subject.

It is basically hierarchical in nature but has an infinity of branches, each with its own purpose and algorithms. Within Mathematics there is a collection of languages each with a defined structure, whether this be the simple arithmetical model or the more complicated (and perhaps more abstract) algebra.


Mathematics is a service subject for a variety of other disciplines e.g. science, engineering, and technology. The logic contained within Mathematics is the basis for most programming languages whereas the concept of the analysis of data leads into the realm of statistics.


In Alloa Academy the courses taught lead to a variety of levels of National Qualifications at the end of S4 i.e. Applications of Mathematics at national 3 & 4, National 4 and National 5. In S5 & 6 classes will progress to the next level of learning; National 4 to National 5; National to Higher and Higher to Advanced Higher.


To service this the department is staffed by 6 teachers and one Learning Assistant Mrs. Hume.

Lessons in Mathematics at Alloa include formal teaching, group work and collaborative lessons.


The philosophy of the department is that pupils should enjoy mathematics which to many would appear as a contradiction in terms.
However, we start the process off with a ‘fun day’ for our P7 pupils in June of each year- a day of games and puzzles which is designed for all ability levels. On entering Alloa Academy pupils will find that classes in Mathematics are set according to ability and the work differentiated on a class basis. Thereafter work with in a class is tailored to the individuals needs.

Pupils are encouraged to use the supported study time after school – and in Mathematics this is normally staffed five nights of the week.

Modern technology is used extensively in teaching and learning.

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  • Mr W West (PT)
  • Ms L Annandale
  • Mr G English
  • Dr Z Penman
  • Mr H Macpherson
  • Mr J Smillie


Mrs A Hume (Learning Assistant)

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Here you will find a copy of all the Higher lessons taught by Mr West for session 2018-19

Higher 5-4, Session 2018-19

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