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The Faculty of Health & Fitness comprises of The Home Economics Department and The Physical Education Department.

Home Economics

The overall aim of the Home Economics Department is to prepare pupils for life and has a responsibility to promote Dietary Targets and Healthy Living. This is done by a practical ‘hands on’ experience and will give students the knowledge required to make reasoned choices with regard to their lifestyle. Home Economics involves the acquisition of cognitive, organisational, technological, scientific, creative, aesthetic and social skills. The disciplined study of the interrelationships of these areas is one of the major contributions the subject makes to the curriculum. In planning and making a range of food products students will be required to integrate knowledge, understanding and skills in a number of ways eg.

  • Be able to link knowledge of food with an understanding of people’s sensory and physical needs which may have an influence on the quality of their life.
  • Be able to show an understanding of how key constraints such as time, effort, skill level and available resources impact on the way practical activities are carried out.
  • Be able to show imagination and creativity in the preparation and production of food
  • Develop standards in relation to Health and Safety

Physical Education

Through participation in Physical Education knowledge and understanding is acquired of the body, skills and activities. Physical education affords opportunities for the learner to adopt leading, co-operative, supportive and dependant roles. The moral dimension with regard to rules and codes is an important feature. Students have opportunities to exercise self-discipline and decision making which contributes towards independence and positive attitudes to life. Physical Education contributes to health and general vitality and encourages involvement in a physically active lifestyle.
Physical Education aims to:-

  • Develop the acquisition of physical movement skills to improve physical performance
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the attributes and abilities necessary for optimal physical performance
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for the development of social skills through participation in physical activity
  • Develop a positive attitude to participation in physical activity by providing opportunities and challenges appropriate to individuals
  • Develop awareness and knowledge of the benefits of healthy living and physical fitness through participation in physical activity thereby contributing to aspects of physical wellbeing
  • Enhance affective development through opportunities and evaluation of performance in a range of physical activities


Please find below documents providing summary information for Parents on new National Qualifications.


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Our Latest News and Events

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