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Targets for 2017:

  • Changing our school grounds.
  • Increasing biodiversity.
  • Reducing Litter.



S2 Interdisciplinary Learning: ECO Studies

Land Use Changes in Urban Alloa

In this lesson we walked around Alloa and looked at all the differences between what certain places in Alloa used to look like and what used to be there. We learned how different some plays were and places that have been converted into something different. I liked how this was our first lesson and set a good example for what IDL was going to be like.

Forthbank Site Visit

When we went to the Forth Bank recycle centre we went to a briefing room and learned about how materials are recycled and what they are recycled into. I like that we got to see some items that were made from recycled materials.

We went back to the Forthbank Recycle centre and we had a tour of the site. From this tour I learned what happens at the site and how the recycle centre is run. I enjoyed learning about the recycle centre and how it operates.

Pond Wood tree Survey

During this lesson we went to Pond wood and surveyed the types of trees there. we used the leaves to identify the different trees. I learned that there was a lot of different types of trees there and a couple that I had never heard of before. I liked this lesson because we got to walk around pond wood with some supervision, letting us get on with the survey independently.

Litter Pick Up In The Park

Our litter pick-up was organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful. We cleaned up the car park around the Old Brewery and tidied up the new skate park. Everywhere looked so much better after we finished.


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