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Alloa Academy: School Pantomime for 2019

‘Peter Pants and The Muted Mermaid’

Pantomime Auditions will take place in May/June, 2019 (S1-S6) and open to the primaries who will be joining the school too…

Just when you thought getting through Brexit and surviving another series of Love Island was grating, well, things are getting decidedly fishier… And, wetter… Naw, more underwater than that…
To a mystical land… To the land of Atlanta, where there has been a new extension added on with Forever Land… To a place where underwater worlds meet enchantment and magic… To a land where Peter Pants (aye the boy everyone wants to be) cannae fly… And, Peter Pants has just met Ella Seaweed (aye the mermaid everyone loves) and she dreams of a world where fish tails are a thing of the past and of a world beyond Atlanta… Even her auntie, Crystal Aqua Pearl (The Underwater psychic to Sir King Seaweed) cannae help these two or can she…?
But, darkness is on in its way because if these two cannae save the day and be the forces of good – well, who can be…?
The evil Captain Tyrant Twisted Claw (aye with a hook hand) has joined forces with the most psychotic and bitter evil sea witch (like ever, and ever), Ursula Ugly, who want to take over the world and banish festivity forever…
Will Ella Seaweed set her sights on the royal sailor, Caspian Marino? Can Wendy Whimsical Darling and The Lost Children save the day? Can Crimson (The Charismatic Crab), Bubbles (Ella Seaweed’s Little Fish Friend), and the other sea inhabitants save the day? Where is Twinkle Pinkle (The Fairy) when you need her? Who knows in this most dramatic and underwater sea adventure in which Christmas could potentially be no more… ‘Tick, tock’ says Snappy Selena (The Crocodile)… Get ready to boo, hiss and cheer! Oh yes, you do…

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